May 25, 2009

india election pics




More amazing pics here

May 13, 2009

Tattoo Dress


Wow that's a really neat and unique dress! Worn by Asia Argento at the Cannes Film Festival

Apr 28, 2009

in flight

STeW, originally uploaded by S T e W.

beautiful color scheme and awesome patterned textures in the wings

Apr 22, 2009

Koi Tattoo

, originally uploaded by amfdesigner.

The shading on the koi is so amazing!

Apr 21, 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Runaway

Heard this song on Gossip Girl tonight and I decided to check out the new Yeah Yeah Yeah's album It's Blitz. This track is really beautiful this whole album is really, really damn good. The word disco was thrown around in reviews for it but I don't think the disco vibe is that strong, the album has a great spring/summer vibe to it. They are some some beautifully haunting mellow tracks and then they're some tracks that make you wanna dance. I highly recommend it!

Apr 12, 2009

Philadelphia Photostory: Bricks & Blooms


From my favorite new alley called Try On. Gosh I'm so jealous of people who have these little courtyards with sakura trees! Also I feel a bit creepy peering through their gates to capture the beauty but I'm getting over it hahaa.

Slowly coming out

Another really spectacular small alley, I forget what its called but I got a lot of great pictures from that will be in another post soon.

Full brick & bloom

Same alley as above, I'm really loving the dark brick buildings around my neighborhood, I often feel a bit transported back in time when I come across buildings like this.

OMG when I entered this particular alley I was greeted by a HUGE cherry blossom dream tree, it was magnificent. I just love the whole environment of this alley.

Church in the bg, while I was taking this a pic two men were talking and one of them was saying how he was tempted to take a stem back to where he's from so he could plant a tree.

Taken at sunset, I love how my camera captures the sky reflected on windows. ♥

Apr 10, 2009

Wolverine Japanese Style

I love ukiyo-e style art so I thought this rendition of Wolverine was particularly awesome! They're many more interpretations of him in various art styles over on the website, they're celebration Wolverine Art Appreciation Month in order to promote the X-Men Origins movie.