Mar 30, 2009

interior inspiration

These were originally posted over at Design is mine and I'm so into the mood and aesthetic of these interior spaces!

I've been watching HBO's Deadwood and I'm kind of obsessed with old western aesthetics at the moment, a lot of the graphics that I'm doing for work have that look. I need to post some of my work on here soon, haven't had the time to collect my fav pieces yet.

elsita illustrations

I was doing some research for work and came across some of the work of Elsita Mora, her illustrations are so simple, beautiful and whimsical. She has an etsy shop where you can buy these prints along with her amazing paper sculptures and paper cuts. Be sure to also check out her blog.

Philadelphia Photostory: Street Graphics

My weekly pics post is late on here, this week my theme was Philadelphia street graphics, I don't know if I'd call it art necessarily but last week I got obsessed with the tags I saw around the streets that I take to and from work. Although I think tags can be a visual nuisance, the colors, shapes and humor I found were very visually stimulating. Plus now that I notice all these tags, its like a fun game to walk around the city and notice where some people have laid their names.

Stop Rape
This first one isn't a tag but I thought it was really bold and awesome. I found this at the end of small side street featuring many historic Philadelphia row homes. It was kind of a shock to see such a bold statement.

I love the humor in these two.

I see Twerp's tags everywhere now! There's even one right outside my workplace o.O;

All images copyrighted to S. Bakr, do not reproduce or repost without my permission.

Mar 27, 2009

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms, originally uploaded by swabreen.

Just shot these, I can't wait for more of them to populate the trees! More over on my flickr

Mar 24, 2009

Mod Cloth Dresses

I love so many of the retro inspired dresses on Mod Cloth, although right now I couldn't afford many of them but I like these six to wear to the office.

1. Best of Both Coasts Dress $129.99
2. Cosette Dress$64.99
3. Magnificent Mod Girl Dress $49.99
4. Torch Song Dress $137.99
5.Britannica Dress $91.99
6. The Kenley Dress $199.99

Mar 21, 2009

Philadelphia Photostory: Branch Road

Spring Alley

Spring Alley
This little tree continues to thrive and be pretty! I love the shapes the branch's shadow's make on the wall.

Sakura branches

Sakura branches
While walking down Lombard I found another fledging sakura tree. Taking pics of branches like this is kinda tough because one little wisp of win and you have a blurry pic D: But this composition reminded me of sort of ukiyo-e style illustration but in photographic format with a modern building backdrop.

Blue and Orange

Blue and Orange
I haven't take sunset pics in ages! I was obsessed with sunset pics in college and I have a little photo album of the sunsets I saw from the various dorm rooms I lived in. The framing of this pic and the tree makes this pic seem set in a more exotic location rather than Philadelphia.

Red bloom

Red bloom
These little red blooms are terribly hard to photograph because they never show up well against the sky backdrop but they look great against this building.


The branches formed all sorts of amazing silhouettes during sunset, this tree is actually not that good looking under direct sunlight but it looks amazing here.

Sunset down the street

Sunset down the street
The view down my street while I was crossing it.

Mar 20, 2009

Dita von Teese in Inked Magazine

Finally after like 3 months of consecutive lame cover worthy actresses Inked finally scored someone smoking! Ms. Dita Von Teese herself! I have a free digital subscription to the magazine so I got a sneak peek of it before it hits bookshelves next wednesday March 24th!

The pics inside are pretty hot, so make sure to go check it out. I think I'll buy this issue, they have this one photo story in there for them hot tattooed men getting in a fist fight. I need to buy another back issue of theirs where they had this great photo story of this tattooed guys running a barber shop, it was so beautifully shot!

Also its the first day of spring and I need to change my deer in winter to deer in spring! Maybe I'll get that done this weekend, I haven't really kept up with my own illustrations since I've started to work again.

Mar 18, 2009

Pink Philly


Ubiq sneaker store on Walnut St. Philadelphia

Ubiq's current eye catching store front, they actually have some pretty cool graphics on their store fronts. Last November they had an Obama mural plastered on their window. Last summer people were camped out across the street from the store to buy limited edition ?uestlove related sneakers. The actual store also sells really cool and hip clothes for men along with sneakers and toys, but the few times I've been in there the customer service wasn't that great. Maybe you need to be a sneaker fanatic to fit in haa


I am so excited about the impending Spring Cherry Blossoms! Philadelphia has a Cherry Blossoms Festival every year, when spring rolls around many side walk trees bloom white and pink. It looks gorgeous, one of my fav times of the year.


Random pink Whale tag I found, they always tag these post storage boxes and they always get painted over eventually.

Mar 17, 2009

Fashion Illustration

V.Westwood, originally uploaded by pierluigi.longo.

Two cool illustrations from Flickr

Chanel and Alexander McQueen accessories by Ida Svenungsson

Mar 15, 2009

Philadelphia Photostory: Night & Day

I've gotten into the habit of taking my camera with me everywhere because there have been too many missed opportunities in the past where I see something weird, funny or beautiful that I wish I captured! These were taken from last Tuesday 10th to yesterday Saturday March 14th and are from around my neighborhood.


The week started off foggy and it looks pretty much the same outside right now.


Awesome yellow bicycle found on Pine street on my way to work


Beautiful heart shaped shoes from Anthropologie, too bad they were a size 8! And cost over $100 D: I'm a size 6 boo but they're still out of my price range


Twilight pic taken on the way home from work



The first signs of spring have sprung! Yey! Cherry Blossom time is one of my fav times in Philadelphia and I look forward to it every year! Here are some cherry blossom pics I took last year over by the Rodin Museum and around my neighborhood.

Mar 13, 2009

Anthropologie Philadelphia

Teacup displays at the Anthropologie store in Philadelphia

This store has some of the most amazing visual merchandisers around! Every time I go in there I spend a lot of time just taking in all the little details and the amazing creativity on display. I find the whole place really inspiring and go in there a lot when I'm feeling mentally drained, it provides a great pick me up.

I snuck in these pics when I was there yesterday, I mean you could photograph the entire place they're so many great details to admire and capture. I love the initialized teacups, I have three of them featuring my initials S, A and B :D
I usually only buy stuff at Anthropologie when they're on sale because it is a very pricey store lol, they always have great sales on home goods though and I have a lovely collection of plates and teacups from there.

Mar 12, 2009

Tilda Swinton in Another magazine


~Fierce~!!!!! She looks amazing and the dresses look like pieces of art. More scans here.

Mar 11, 2009

Houndstooth details by McQ

Omg I need this dress in my life! I love how the houndstooth pattern gradually morphs into the birds. Its so beautiful and a great detail. I thought houndstooth had an overused run last season but apparently not! The amazing details and tailoring that went into these outfits just makes me wish I was a millionaires so I could buy them all!

I can totally see Gwen Stefani wearing these previous two outfits! *want want want*!!!

More F2009RTW over on

Gualicho Street Art

Buenos Aires Mural

Originally uploaded by gualicho!

I love really bizarre and colorful street art, it definitely adds a new energy to urban settings. We have a lot of great murals in Philly but the style in which they're rendered are pretty traditional, I would love to see explosively bright modern murals like these too. Check out more of gualicho's work on his flickr, I love his color palette and imagination.

Universidad Creativa Mural in San Jose, Costa Rica

Mar 9, 2009

bombin vancouver

I posted about how lame I thought taggin was the other day, and here is something to illustrate my point! Instead of taggin something illegible why not tag a piece of art, something that makes a statement and contributes to a part of the community instead of just a selfish act of scribbling a fucking name?? D:

Originally uploaded by STeW on flickr.

Originally uploaded by STeW on flickr.

Originally uploaded by STeW on flickr.

Mar 6, 2009

The Great Lady O's come together


Michelle Obama and Oprah on the cover of ... Oprah magazine

What is going on here? Is Oprah praying to Mrs. Obama? LOL! Also ... plastic belt? Oprah's live show today will discuss this issue of the magazine and her interview with Mrs. O

Mar 5, 2009


Birdie No. 21 on etsy

Fez on etsy

Love Birds Second Edition Print on etsy

So cute! All work by Genine.