Mar 30, 2009

Philadelphia Photostory: Street Graphics

My weekly pics post is late on here, this week my theme was Philadelphia street graphics, I don't know if I'd call it art necessarily but last week I got obsessed with the tags I saw around the streets that I take to and from work. Although I think tags can be a visual nuisance, the colors, shapes and humor I found were very visually stimulating. Plus now that I notice all these tags, its like a fun game to walk around the city and notice where some people have laid their names.

Stop Rape
This first one isn't a tag but I thought it was really bold and awesome. I found this at the end of small side street featuring many historic Philadelphia row homes. It was kind of a shock to see such a bold statement.

I love the humor in these two.

I see Twerp's tags everywhere now! There's even one right outside my workplace o.O;

All images copyrighted to S. Bakr, do not reproduce or repost without my permission.

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