Mar 18, 2009

Pink Philly


Ubiq sneaker store on Walnut St. Philadelphia

Ubiq's current eye catching store front, they actually have some pretty cool graphics on their store fronts. Last November they had an Obama mural plastered on their window. Last summer people were camped out across the street from the store to buy limited edition ?uestlove related sneakers. The actual store also sells really cool and hip clothes for men along with sneakers and toys, but the few times I've been in there the customer service wasn't that great. Maybe you need to be a sneaker fanatic to fit in haa


I am so excited about the impending Spring Cherry Blossoms! Philadelphia has a Cherry Blossoms Festival every year, when spring rolls around many side walk trees bloom white and pink. It looks gorgeous, one of my fav times of the year.


Random pink Whale tag I found, they always tag these post storage boxes and they always get painted over eventually.

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