Mar 13, 2009

Anthropologie Philadelphia

Teacup displays at the Anthropologie store in Philadelphia

This store has some of the most amazing visual merchandisers around! Every time I go in there I spend a lot of time just taking in all the little details and the amazing creativity on display. I find the whole place really inspiring and go in there a lot when I'm feeling mentally drained, it provides a great pick me up.

I snuck in these pics when I was there yesterday, I mean you could photograph the entire place they're so many great details to admire and capture. I love the initialized teacups, I have three of them featuring my initials S, A and B :D
I usually only buy stuff at Anthropologie when they're on sale because it is a very pricey store lol, they always have great sales on home goods though and I have a lovely collection of plates and teacups from there.


  1. Who has the vision here!? Nice job!

  2. according to linkedin chuck saylor is the district visual merchandiser! every time they redesign the store it looks amazing, sadly urban outfitters doesn't look that great anymore

  3. This is why I love that store so much. Always amazing and fresh.