Apr 12, 2009

Philadelphia Photostory: Bricks & Blooms


From my favorite new alley called Try On. Gosh I'm so jealous of people who have these little courtyards with sakura trees! Also I feel a bit creepy peering through their gates to capture the beauty but I'm getting over it hahaa.

Slowly coming out

Another really spectacular small alley, I forget what its called but I got a lot of great pictures from that will be in another post soon.

Full brick & bloom

Same alley as above, I'm really loving the dark brick buildings around my neighborhood, I often feel a bit transported back in time when I come across buildings like this.

OMG when I entered this particular alley I was greeted by a HUGE cherry blossom dream tree, it was magnificent. I just love the whole environment of this alley.

Church in the bg, while I was taking this a pic two men were talking and one of them was saying how he was tempted to take a stem back to where he's from so he could plant a tree.

Taken at sunset, I love how my camera captures the sky reflected on windows. ♥

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