Feb 4, 2009

Cherry Blossom Girl


World of Whimsy

I was reading the latest issue of Bust magazine and they had a write up about this French fashionista blog called The Cherry Blossom Girl. Its curated by this young woman called Alix, she has a really great sense of style and accentuates her outfits by photographing on locations to add an air of whimsy. She has a great eye for color and and gorgeous Chloe shoes. I love the mood she creates with each photo session, it lends a less superficial air to fashion and shows her passion.

The best part is that quite a few of her outfits are from stores like Zara and H&M, so they're not completely inaccessible to her readers. But unfortunately not all of us can afford fabulous shoes like these Chloe ones!


Check out her blog if you need some inspiration or to get lost in a whimsical world of fantasy.

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