Feb 5, 2009

February Goals

Blooming Love

Part of my February goals is designing some Valentine's Day cards. I started out with a traditional pink and red design, but then it kind of made me nauseous so I made this instead. Somehow it doesn't seem Valentine-y enough, I've been brainwashed to associate only the traditional red and pink tones with this day. However I'd like to think an unconventional woman would like to receive this more non-traditional version. Plus I think it can serve for an all occasion card that loved ones can exchange regardless of the date, or it could one friends exchange too lol.

Design Goals

I. 2 Valentine's Day Cards
II. 2 Get Well Cards
III. Owl Illustration
IV. Deer Illustration

I tried working on the owl illustration the other night but it just wasn't working D: I need to do some sketches and return to the computer later.

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