Feb 13, 2009


Today is the big day for all chocolate sellers, flower growers and greeting card makers! These industries are hoping for a bump in the black during this time of recession. From my experience out yesterday in Philadelphia, men and women are not shy about purchasing some of the best chocolates from Godiva (the line in the store went out the door) and sexy little things from Victoria's Secret. Frankly I think retail hasn't been severely affected in Philadelphia, I mean the shops are always filled with people on the weekends, specially when we get the odd day with 58 degree weather in February.

I made this card to send out to my friends because valentine's shouldn't just be an occasion for lovers, because they're all types of love aren't they? I love designing little things to send out to friends, its one of the reasons I started to make my own stationary in the first place.

Vector Illustration for You Are A Sweetie

You are a Sweetie printed version (Back and Front)

I treated myself to chocolates, roses and jewelry! There's no rule that says you can't give yourself those things because Valentine's Day should be about loving yourself too.

♥ Pink Roses and Sakura earrings from Juicy Couture ♥

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