Feb 17, 2009

Obama offers cookies

Office in Air Force One

President Obama offers cookies in the White House's movie theater

How cute! Cookies from the President, those cookies couldn't convince the vast majority of House and Senate Republicans to vote for the stimulus bill. The office in Air Force One is amazing! It barely looks like they're all in a plane.

These are a series of photos by Pete Souza that were put up on the White House website to track the President's courting of Congress men and women to vote for the stimulus package that he signed into law today.
They also set up this website Recovery.gov so that citizens can track the spending of the money in the bill and see the results of the money that's being invested in various projects. You can also read the full bill on the website, which not even the people voting on it got the chance to do o.O;

I have the say the series of photographs are kind of odd, the compositions are awkward but not in an interesting cutting edge or artistic way. Gawker said they seemed very claustrophobic, but I guess Souza was trying to get them to be very candid and in the moment.

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