Feb 19, 2009

Vintage Fashion Inspiration

Piksi_'s Fashion Flickr

I came across this wonderful fashion photostream on flickr run by a young lady from Finland. She takes pics of her day to day vintage inspired fashions. She's gorgeous and has a great body to pull off these types of clothes. I need to get back into being creative with my wardrobe, I tend to dress very practical since I live in the city and I like to be able to get around with ease. So I avoid wearing heels because Philly streets just destroy them if you wear them too often and I like to walk fast lol. I also don't tend to buy skirts because I can never find any to fit my tiny waist, there's too much vanity sizing in stores and size 0s are more like size 3s -.-; But I love getting dresses for summer and little cardigans. My favorite store to get cute and relatively inexpensive items is Zara.

I love her outfits because they look like they'd be great for the office. They're fashionable yet formal enough to wear to the office. I'm starting to work again on monday and I need to build up an office friendly wardrobe. The place I work at is very, very casual but I need to define a workplace wardrobe so that when I'm on my off time I don't wear the same kind of clothes to the bar and movies. I've been trying to build up a date wardrobe too, but I was unemployed and didn't feel like spending the money lol. So maybe now that I'll be earning some dough I'll shell out for some cute Spring date outfits.

Piksi_'s Wardrobe Slideshow

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