Feb 5, 2009

Sailor Jerry

Spring '09 Sailor Jerry Catalog

I dropped by the Sailor Jerry store today in Center City because I was looking for some inspiration on two Valentine's tattooed themed designs that I'm working on. For those of you who don't know Sailor Jerry is a legendary American tattoo artist who specialized in nautical art with a touch of Asian style inspired tattoos.
There's a flagship store in Philadelphia that sells merchandise featuring his artwork, the store is beautiful and it has a great vibe. When you walk in you immediately get visually hit with a ton of really great and inspiring art. What I like about Sailor Jerry's style is his use of color and shading, his style of drawing wasn't the most precise or perfect but that gritty quality and the imperfection is precisely what gives it a great non-mainstream quality.

The Spring line has some really beautiful and surprising items compared to what this brand has offered in the past. These were my favorites.

Jumper $138

Pin-up Dress $130

These are adorable! They had these in the store today, the purse costs $42 and the wallet $24.

Women's Cardigan in Grey and White $74

I have a weakness for cardigans, which has resulted in me owning one two many gray cardigans BUT I really love this one and I kinda want it. If you visit their website you can see that the clothes I've featured here are a far cry from the lame stuff on their online store lol. At least this brand hasn't been completely bastardized like the work of Sailor Jerry's protege, Don Ed Hardy.

A lot of these items haven't arrived on their online store as yet, so check back later if any of these caught your eye!

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