Jan 17, 2009

Amtrak to the White House

This Obama train ride news coverage is so silly! CNN has a live cam that feeds footage you can see through the train window. Over on MSNBC Chuck Todd is actually IN the train. And the CNN Situation Room is outside in the freezing cold whereas MSNBC invested in a warm pop up room or something lol.


Its kind of a cute idea though. Today is Michelle Obama's birthday, it is also my mom's birthday! Happy Birthday ladies!

There was an article in Philadelphia's City Paper where the author compared the hope and enthusiasm Barack Obama has generated to that of our mayor Michael Nutter. Everyone in the city was excited and were expecting change and a general upswing, but the budget crisis hit and the mayor started threatening to close LIBRARIES and now everyone hates him lmao. So the moral is ... don't get too excited about these politicians, there are outside circumstances that affects the chances of them delivering all the sweet shit they promised in the first place.

Also Obama is having a dinner in honor of John McCain omg. I mean honestly when you think about of all the bullshit the McCain campaign swung Obama's way during the campaign its kind of infuriating. But I guess you got to make some sacrifices and appease the other side in order for Congress to stop being a bunch of babies and get something actually done D: He has to butter up all these egomaniacs so they can vote and pass bills they might not otherwise agree on.

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