Jan 8, 2009

Just in case...

I have  a blog over on livejournal however there's been some speculation over whether or not that site will survive in the long run, so I decided to make another blog so that my friends from over there can still keep up with me if LJ dies lol. Plus that journal started out for one purpose but it doesn't really fit me completely anymore so its nice to have another place to post random stuff that I'm interested in.

Hopefully LJ doesn't die because there's a lot of stuff over there that I would be saddened to lose, specially my old jrock posts with contain valuable info, pics and clips regarding the old 90s jrock bands I used to be obsessed with. Its a great archive and resource that I think is useful.

I've been blogging since I was about 17 I think, I'm currently will be 25 in Febuary, so its been 9 years! I actually never looked back on how long I had been blogging. As a child I kept diaries, but diaries and blogs are not things that I actually re-read. I guess I use blogs as a means to pour out what's  inside my head at the moment. I'm the kind of person who obsesses over things if I don't  get the opportunity to talk about them or write them down. So I guess blogging is a nice means  to let out that extra energy in my head.

Anyway currently I'm an unemployed graphic designer looking for my dream job ... well any job actually. Many people are in that same boat, and at this point I feel as if I need to become fluent in another profession in order to survive  in the future. So I am looking into pursuing a degree in Art Education because there is ALWAYS a need for a teacher. Plus I like working with kids and have taught them before. 

So on this blog I shall be posting musings on my life, current obsessions, music, movie reviews, thoughts on trashy reality shows and my artwork. The illustration in the header of this blog was done by me. It was for a series of holiday cards that I designed to send out to my friends. You can check out my portfolio site here: http://coroflot.com/bakrsa

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