Jan 13, 2009

Thank you card

Thank you card! I actually designed this to send out to a friend who sent me some lovely Japanese charms. I drew these swallows last year but I hadn't used them in anything official yet. Its a bit of Americana tattoo style with Japanese motifs. I really liked how the blog banner I designed came out so I wanted to replicate the style in a stationary design.

So far the design goals are going great! I'm going to try and finish up everything on my list soon so that I can get started on designing some vector packs for sale. I have certain themes in mind already so its going to be interesting to design those. I have to do some research about it before I really get started.

Updated Goals
I - 3 2 Birthday Cards
II - 1 Blog banner
III - 1 Koi Spring illustration
IV - 1 Deer Spring illustration
V - 1 Thank you card

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