Jan 14, 2009


Inspired by model Josh Beech's torso tattoo. I was trying all afternoon to design something but no ideas were coming together so I looked inside my inspiration folder and I was like ohh black and grey tattoos! I love that style.

Revised this design from the earlier version and made it a Birthday card instead because it looks more celebratory lol. I mean it would probably work either way. I made a birthday version of the rose and swallows design above, will probably mess around with it a bit before I post.

After looking at stationary designs at a few locals shops I learned that you don't have to be the most original designer because people will always gravitate to a certain style no matter who designs it. XD

Design goals update
I - 3 2 1 Birthday Card
II - 1 Blog banner
III - 1 Koi Spring illustration
IV - 1 Deer Spring illustration
V - 1 Thank you card

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