Jan 12, 2009

Philly Walker

I live in Center City Philadelphia, I usually walk everywhere so I have to deal with stupid drivers in the city from a day to day basis. I have some pet peeves.

-Dear Drivers, do you see that zebra crosswalk? Its called a pedestrian crossing area, you're supposed to stop your car BEHIND this crosswalk, NOT in the middle of it, not after it!

- In addition, I may not drive or even own a driver's license but I know some basic fucking road rules, that being when the YELLOW light is on that's a signal to SLOW DOWN and not speed up to run the red light you dumb fuck! To add to this if you find your car in the middle of the crosswalk because you speed up during the yellow light, REVERSE and give me the room to cross the street safely. You should have slowed down at that yellow light signal then you wouldn't be in the middle of the crosswalk D:

- You should ALSO use that thing called a turn signal if you're gonna turn at a crosswalk corner so that I the pedestrian know where your dumbass is going. The turn signal isn't just for the other drivers, its for everyone to be safe on the road.

I also have a pet peeve regarding bicyclists, I know everyone is trying to be all green and what not, and the city isn't equipped with bike lanes but that doesn't give you stupid bicycle riders the RIGHT to ride on the damn side walk! Either man up and ride on the road with the crazy drivers who wanna ram you off the road or don't bother being a bike rider if you're gonna get all up in the pedestrian space.

Anyway today I took a cab home from the train station and my fare was $8, I gave the driver a $20 and he gave me back $52 in change, I was like, "Woah you gave a $50 instead of a $10!" and he was like, "Omg thank you!" and as I leeped out the cab I said to myself, "Yea! Good samaritan deed for the day!"

Its a tough time for everyone, I wouldn't have felt right walking away with his $50, even though an extra $50 would have served me nicely.

Also the Eagles won against the Giants! Yea! LOL! I'm sure bars around the city were ultra happy and extra drunk lmao. Next up we need to defeat John McCain's home team the Cardinals!!!!

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